Technical problem with the brakes on the seicento sx

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Technical problem with the brakes on the seicento sx

Do you mean the car still doesn't pass MOT on emissions readings? If so, do you have a hard copy of the fault sheet indicating the values, what gases and what the passing values would be in your test area in Spain?

first technical inspection
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second Mot It seems that the probes have changed values from one inspection to another. They are the same.
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I have not yet passed 3 MOTs because the flashing light fails... There is no fault in the machine.
Post a picture of the flashing warning light. I have a feeling it may be a warning of catalyst overheating.
If it is a catalyst overheating warning light and it flashes all the time, even when the engine is cold, then it is a faulty warning system.
The probes were exchanged for others from another sixty and the same failure occurred.
Injectors also from another sixty.

There is no error in obd2, neither in the device I have nor in the workshop machine.
Talking to someone who has the same car he tells me that the sensor is high in acceleration. They are not expensive, I will exchange them for new ones.
I have bypassed the engine light with the battery light, so it turns on and off at the MOT.
With the probes changed we will look at gases again before taking it.
Thats what I would do, install new sensors. Check wiring and make sure the car is given a good idle and drive so the ECU is allowed to learn the mixtures before having emissions tested again.

The old sensors - I expect the wiring doesnt like being disturbed and they can be very tight to remove and damaged...

The only other posible issue is oxygen getting into manifold with a small leak at exhaust manifold/cat gaskets?
Good morning, MOT finally passed, the gases are fine now. New catalyst and new probes. Original catalyst was destroyed inside.

emissions now: