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radar detectors

Like having a device to warn you if you are going to commit murder....just don't do the crime in the first place and you won't need anything to warn you.

I have camera positions on my GPS for novelty reasons, how hypocritical of me.
sumplug said:
iam asking if the device is any good, not about the reasons to use one:)

Ahh well it wasnt clear from the original post. :)

Well in that case i suppose they do what they are supposed to do. Im not a fan of road angels, snoopers etc anyway but they seem to be pretty reliable and youve got a good recommendation from your mate :)
Im prepared to be proved wrong (highly likely) :eek:

however, a friend of my bro's has a snooper in his car and complains that it isnt just set of by the things you would expect. he is always moanin about interferance. :confused:

maybe his snooper is just cr*p i dunno.
AppleSei said:
Theres enough signs about. Plus cameras etc are so talked about now, whats the point in calling them 'hidden'

You'd want one when you were near these:

Yes its a speed camera in a cats eye and its in use in Scotland somewhere... they are coming.

Radar Detectors can be falsely triggered by Traffic Lights and Other Similar Radio frequency devices, including sattelite dishes.
The Negotiator said:
And what radio frequency does a satellite dish RECEIVER transmit? ;)
Feck knows but that what they wrote in the reviews :p


but they still wrote it :confused: They must have meant as the signals come in? I'm sure a radio signal would be strong near a receiver as the signal is probably concentrated around that area.
i thought the snooper SR5 had different number displays to tell you what type the camera was?:)