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It's a bit noisy
Mar 22, 2005
East Yorkshire
Simple enough really. How many previous owners has/have your Panda(s) had? I believe I'm the 6th owner of mine! It's a bit mental and I'd prefer it to have had less owners, but after a good clean and attack with a Dyson, you wouldn't know any different.

Maybe the roof just ain't popular. ;)
I'm the seventh owner of Gemma.

Would have liked a few less, but with a bit of tlc she's better now :)
I'm the 4th owner of mine - I think the first owner(s) really cared for her (looks garaged as paint is superb) but I cannot say the same about the last owner and it was well in need of some TLC when I took it home
im the second owner of mine. some old lady had it from new and used it for shopping lol not much more to say other than its got alot of MOT's and old Tax Discs.:)
I'm the 3rd owner of my 4x4 some guy bought it new and had it untill 2000 then the guy I bought it off had it till 2003 then I bought it. Not bad for a 17 year old car.
My sisley was reg on the 10th of Nov 1989, has 3 former keepers the last one from July 2001 till Feb 2004, it doesn't have any Celebrity status but it's birthday is only 2 days after mine so that can't be bad, We're both Scorpio's so I wonder if that means that it can't be trusted either :confused:

The BMW on the other hand was owned by a film company so may have had a few tasty celebs on the back seat at some point ;)

The reg of the BM is A16 CRU so with a bit of fiddling I can have A1'S CRU or A1 SCRU which I like :D
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Hey, I just found some piccies of my old Formula Uno 903...quite tidy but she got a bad case of the old tin rot...:-(


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