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Aug 1, 2022
I'm a long time Fiat owner (Dino spider, 500L, Abarth Clone - as well as new Abarth) and I am looking to get a 4x4 panda to bring back to the USA. I have a house in the Netherlands where I am until 3rd week in August.

I've been looking at Sisleys thinking they are the best of the 4x4s but are they? Are they simply just a 4x4 with some canoes on them? What is the best (pre 1998) 4x4 panda? I like the twin sunroofs - are they OK? Do they have any problems? Are all the 4x4 drive trains made by PUCH?

I went down this same rabbit hole for a pre '97 panda to drive around Italy and then ship home to the US. Here's what I worked my list down to.
Must have
4x4 - They're all the same 4x4 system as far as I've researched.
Made after '92 or '93 with an 1100 engine - biggest engine and fuel injected starting in '92/'93 so you can worry less about gas if it sits for a while.
Double sunroof - This was the hard part. In my searching these were the least common and sold the fastest. Half or more that I saw had been restored and were asking $10k + which was more than I wanted to spend.
I waited around for one that was pretty chewed up for 2.5k and I'm working through cleaning it up.
I wish I had found something cleaner, but I am glad I got the sunroof, it's an ungrade you'll notice more while driving than any logos. The average passenger will also be more impressed with the open roof too if that's important to you.

On mine the sunroof seals pretty well, much better than my door window seals. You can get new cloth sunroof kits on Ebay easy. The metal frame of my sunroof is badly rusted and I haven't found replacements online so that's something I would check before buying. I think most of the other sunroof parts are still available, though you might pay a premium since they're less common.

"Tetto Apribile" is Italian for sunroof if you're looking for parts.

I opted for hunting down a sunroof car instead of a special trim.
If you want special trims the Sisley is the go to. If you don't care about the canoe logos, and maybe nicer upholstery, just get a country club.
Double sunroof I think was an option on most 4x4 trim models I think, so you could get a Sisley with a double sunroof if you can find one.
Side note - I've never seen a mint/teal one with the double sun roof, so I don't think they made those.

The trim I thought was the coolest was the val d'isere, it came with bullbar, lights, and graphic treatment depending on the year, mostly in red, but a few in blue, and black. Only sold in France, so they're harder to find elsewhere.

I go back and forth on whether mine will make the journey to the US in a couple years when I leave.
Have you gotten any quotes for shipping a Panda back?
Thanks so much!
I've discovered some of the things you mention above - others I was still wondering about.
We still want a double sunroof and would be willing to get a Sisley or cross country as they seem to be a slightly better deal.
Shipping a Panda from Zeebrugge to New York is $990 - Includes: Sea Freight, BL, Port Fees POL, Export Documents and Loading/Securing on vessel - Exclusive: Insurance, DTHC, port charges and customs costs at destination

Any photos of yours? Where did you eventually find yours? Italy seems to have the most of them, especially northern...
I spent too much time researching panda versions so I'm glad to find anyone else that wants the info!
Oh, that's better than I was expecting, I think my last quote was $1500, but I didn't shop around much.

Here's a pic from this past weekend, and another from earlier in the summer.

Mine was in Liguria, so north west Italy, about 5 hours east from from where I live in north east Italy.
The best prices I saw for a double sunroof 4x4 were way in the south of Italy in Calabria and Sicily. From what I've heard things are generally cheaper down there. I'm guessing you'll find less rust on cars down there too, because they haven't dealt with winter road salt.
Thanks for the photos. I've seen one double roof with some roof racks. Looks like your car has the rails so when the tops are closed racks can be installed.
That is good to have the option.
Yes, the shipping rate has come down surprisingly since the last few times I've shipped. The deliver to: NY, Baltimore, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Freeport TX, Galveston TX, Pt Hueneme CA, Long Beach CA, Tacoma WA.

If you need contact info for the shipper I use shoot me an email via frfrey at gmail

I'm going to take my time and look for a nice one as parts are not as easy to get (without shipping) in the USA.
If you see something nice - shoot me an email please.
The rails are built into the roof so I think all pandas have them, but maybe they don't always have the black rubber cover.
Mine came with the bigger rack option, I've seen it referred to as the Sisley rack, but it came on a bunch of different ones. It blocked the back sunroof so I took it off, but still have it. It's riveted on in the front so it's not a super convenient on and off. I was thinking about getting the rails that just go on the sides so I could leave them on all the time.

Great, I just sent you an e-mail!

Good call, I'm learning the hard way that it's better to wait for a clean car, rather than clean up someone else's mess. I'll letcha know if I come across any good ones!