Police win right to hide speed cameras

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Police win right to hide speed cameras

If they can do this, then there is no reason to disallow radar and laser detecting equipment, fairs fair.
C**ts is all i got to say :p theyre only there to make money....

I'm not one for speeding but everyone knows how easy it is to wonder over the limit and get done for doing like 4mph over! At least if you spot one coming up it makes you check and if needed correct it.
bulldog5046 said:
and your one to talk turboned, couldnt even see you and all the cinqs in about 5 seconds after leaving ace.

exactly, the responsiblity is mine and mine alone, this is the point that is missed time and again in every thread of this sort thats put up, the limits for any given road, or part thereof, are well known, if they are enforced, wheres the problem? if you are prosecuted, wheres the issue?

at work i have a black box style data recorder in the car i use for calls, random dipping and checks against the gps and call dispatch system confirm the validity of my drives and actions, it's something that i'm used to now
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I was expecting the sensible replies tbh, but i still think its rediculous, they were painted bright colours to avoid accidents, now they've changed their minds and decided more important to get more speeding fines through? :confused:
Yeah, I think its a farcical state of affairs...

I also agree with Jonny's ideas...except Id be thinking gas torch :)