I hate this email....

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I hate this email....

Mar 5, 2005
I signed up to lotterycheck and they send out notification of each draw and I really have got a hatred of this sodding mail now:cry:

Lottery Results for Sat 28 Jan 2006
Numbers drawn: 09 18 22 29 30 48 (23)

Sorry, you don't have a winner

Nothing like rubbing it in:(

I wrote to Shamelot and asked why they insist on using the same number group for each draw - e.g. Lotto is 0-49, Thunderball is 0-49 etc.
So if you get the same numbers every week you'll feel compelled to buy the other games in your numbers too.
Thunderball could have been 50-99 or A thru to ZZ.

They wrote back saying that it's less confusing and people like to use birthdays etc. Twunts.
Well who's the mug? I have considerable money (for my circumstances) in premium bonds, I end up with 2% or so interest and keep the chance that I could win big. The 2% ends up never been reinvested so in real terms I am losing money...May aswell stick it into a high interest account and put the interest onto the lottery and hope! Bet the return isn't much lower lol