hand held remote immobiliser or similar

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hand held remote immobiliser or similar

Aug 15, 2022
does anyone have any suggestions for avoiding problems with 500c
son has a second hand car ready for final year at uni so he can work as well as study, but question is, insurance is high but could come down if security tighter etc. well all said, cant change a thing, rental near campus, parking on road as & where ever a space is. so drive garage secure not option.
question, is there any extra device we can get so if car broken in to, keys not at hand due to panicking, that he can resort to an “all car master remote hand help immobiliser“ that you can lean out of a window and point it at the car and it will stop car being opened, but if someone got in, when they are sat in it, then him pressing such device would stop all things working, eg doors windows dash engine so they could not get out and the car is in a “no-go no matter what” until police on scene.

in other words a - hand held master of all cars immobiliser - that can immobilise any car by pointing it at the car. A plug & play version as a master point to immobilise any car by superseding/adding more clowt to what is on the car already.

mum in need of back up
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No such device exists and even if it did it would Allmost certainly be totally illegal due to the ability to disable cars on the motorway ect

The closest would but a ghost tracker/imboliser but any discount on insurance would get wiped out by the cost of installing it and any yearly fees

Also assuming your son is young the biggest part of the insurance fees will be cover the likelhood that we will have a crash rather then to cover theft risk
The are a pain but if one is that concerned about theft / attempted theft then using the highly visible Steering Wheel Locks and optionally Handbrake Lock or Pedal Locks is going to really deter anybody attempting theft. Won't stop professionals from just lifting the whole car onto a flatbed truck but i would think this is a very very low risk and also what you pay insurance for,
thank you all, yes that ins cost is coz he is 22 and a first policy rather being on parents because he has to do it someday so might as well be now as he is nearer uni than home and the concept of being independent needs to be realised so he works harder and learns the value of everything rather than assume bank of mum and dad is for life.
i think we will invest in a steering lock and maybe one of those builder signs that says everything is removed from this vehicle.
they grow up fast and keeping them wrapped in cotton wool just delays full transition to being an adult, its hard to do, but we hope he will appreciate the lesson further down the line and be prepared for such dilemmas when he is a father one day.
thank you all your suggestions were food for thought and i thank you.
being a 500c and on street parking another major risk for the underwriters in the roof being deliberately damaged a lot of idiots thing fabric roofs are easy to break into a car by (even though the window is much quicker and easier) so some **** looking to steal a couple of quid he’s seen in the door pocket, cuts the roof with a knife, gives up breaks the window anyway and now you have a massive bill for a new roof rather than a £100 for a window.

all fiats have a thatcham approved immobiliser you could probably bring the costs down with an approved alarm, but really for him being young and first police a black box might work out a much better deal and offers tracking if it was stolen