Gen7 Celica


i know these cars are getting old now but i couldn't resist buying this for the price!!
190BHP VVTL-I engine conversion, apart from that it looks completely stock (sleeper look maybe?) its an japanese import

red and black cloth interior
sony headunit

completely stock apart from the VVTI spoiler

1.8 16v 190 BHP VVTL-I engine
6 speed box
K&N air filter

to do
front Splitter
rear bumper skirts
side skirts
lower 40mm -either coilovers or shocks and springs
18'' Alloys either in black or blue (looking for Rays alloys!)
Japspeed Exhaust system
DVD player
tint rear lights
T-sport spoiler
maybe a leather interior as i can get them cheap as chips

bad news is i might begetting rid of the punto (n) i need the space :cry:
lol i lovemy celicas! ive had every model celica now! even the mk1 and mk2
i was very tempted to get a 1986 celica supra but i already had a convertible 1988 celica haha

have you seen my carlos sainz celica on here mate?
I agree with u, this model isnt my cup of tea but i bought it under 500 quid so i cudnt resist!
Nice car! (y)

We have a silver one (not so sure what spec) living around the corner from us. Always a sucker for Japanese sports cars -- and this is one of my favourites! :D

Had a nice white Supra Turbo automatic, a long time ago. Set cruise control to [insert your own stupid number here], and get from London to Preston in [insert your own stupid number here]... -- well, no time at all, late at night...! :eek:
heres the japspeed SS ive bought!

i bought some 17'' alloys for my celica GT4 years back and stored them. Forgot about them till i was cleaning up and found them all corroded and looking sorry so i spent 2 hours on one alloy and this is how it turned out!

Shiney shiney!!

The wheels look like theyve been dipped in tar :p

Whats the insurance like on a £500 celica??