Another Celica GT4?


coming home from uni, drive in and my parking spot has been taken by a red Celica GT4! i was like wth is goin on? dad came out and shoutd suprise!
I dont know why he bought it but knows i have a celica fetish lol


apart from a bailey dump valve its completely stock and engine runs fine!
heres the catch 2nd, 4th and reverse gears is fudged so needs a new gearbox..... then dad tells me he got a recon st205 gt4 WRC gearbox in the deal so win win (y)

i would like to add this is not a carlos sainz like my black gt4 and its a UK model, my black gt4 is a jap import
okay today i was on a mission, managed to disconnect all the engine electrics and took the air intake pipes and alternator off today. Had a quick snoop around the gearbox and found out one of the gear selector cables have popped off!
so i simply connected it back up again and made a new clip for it and now i can get it in 2nd 4th and reverse! i need to connect the engine back up again tho to really test it out lol
heres a pic of it now
yes they bolt straight on, The ST205 gearbox has shorter ratio gears 1-3 then 4 and 5 are the same, these are improved acceleration i think that are called E151F gearboxes, same used in the GT4 RC/Carlos sainz model (like my black one!)
this gt4 has a E150 gearbox slightly different to the st165 (which i also have) apart from they have a huge pnuematic acutator mounted on the side for LSD