Funny stepped washers on a kid's scooter

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Funny stepped washers on a kid's scooter


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Sep 14, 2009
My boy has been give a rather nice push scooter that needs some TLC.

It has a lot of what I would call "stepped washers" that reinforce holes through the main body, especially where bigger loads go though.

I'm looking to replace the fasteners and washers so looking for 8mm bore, 10mm hole size and 6mm long.

I have no idea what they are called so have had (almost) no luck finding anything on eBay. I did spot these though cost is bit silly for what I need (and I probably need more than four).

Has anyone any idea what they are called and where I might get some?

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Thanks folks the was quick. Sadly the Belville washer wont help. The ones I need are like a short bush with a flange on one and so the clamping force bears on the body material but wont allow movement to rub the hole oval.

Engineering-wise not fabulous. Probably why so many bushes/sleeves/washers are now toast.
Thats the stuff. Thanks.

I've done some more dismantling and the "washers" on the scooter are actually quite brittle. They look like sintered bushes, frankly far too small for the job expected of them. Igus polymer bushes would be another option though pretty pricey at £5 a-piece. I've ordered some 10mm Glacier bushes to go into drilled-out holes with 10mm (vs 8mm) pins.

I'll post details when I get them.
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