Technical Fiat panda 169 Horn locations question?

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Technical Fiat panda 169 Horn locations question?

Jul 30, 2023
Hello again. The previous owner of my car installed the horn in a ridiculous place under the hood.

As far as I understand, its main location is behind the front grille.

While doing other maintenance work on the car, I decided to move the horn to its original location.


I installed the standard size horn in its original place. However, when I put the bumper on, I noticed that it was in contact with the bumper. Therefore, the horn does not produce the correct sounds because it is in contact.


I had a spare motorcycle horn at home. I assembled it. (Bosch pt 10 models)



Now where did I go wrong?

Aren't the horns standard? Why didn't the car horn fit behind the front grille?

Maybe the car's original iron was different?
But we don't have that.
Because it contacts the plastic with a difference of 2-3 millimeters. Actually, it wouldn't be a problem if the iron was bent a little more.


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The proper original horn, is as Koalar's pic, a shallow disc horn, like the motorcycle one.
The previous owner has tried to improve the sound output with a larger horn, and struggled to find somewhere to place it.
There is some space below each headlamp. I've fitted a pair of the larger type horns, one under each headlamp, using the lower headlamp bracket for the horn bracket.
I also added a relay to handle the extra current.
My original horn is still in place, able to be plugged back in if necessary.
oh that explains everything. The space is small and the car's original horn is the size of a motorcycle horn :) Then I did the right thing. And I made it as close to the original as possible. The horn is more than enough for me as I don't want displacement or loudness.

Thank you, you solved another problem.