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Technical Fiat Panda 169 4x4(2011.) differential problem


Jan 30, 2024
Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently facing an issue with the rear drive of my 2011 Fiat Panda 169 4x4, equipped with a differential featuring a Haldex clutch and an electro-pneumatic valve. In an attempt to diagnose the problem, I disassembled the "piston" on the valve to ensure a constant flow, but despite this effort, the drives still failed to operate. After consulting with others, it seems that the Haldex clutch (discs) may be the culprit.

Haldex part(This doesn't work.)

Finding a used differential for my specific model has proven challenging, and the available options are priced above 500€. However, I recently received a suggestion from someone who had a similar issue. They replaced their differential with an older one from the 2003-2010 model, which is currently priced at 300€ and reportedly fits seamlessly.

I am seeking your advice on whether I should opt for the used differential that matches my current model or consider the older one with a "viscous coupling" (VC). My concern lies in the reliability of the VC model – are there common issues, potential breakages, and how much mileage can they typically endure? I want to avoid switching to the older model only to encounter problems within a short timeframe.

Additionally, if anyone has information on how to renew the Haldex clutch or knows where I can purchase a new one, I would greatly appreciate the guidance.

Thank you in advance for your valuable input.
The V/C age badly last fitted here in the UK around 2008

There are sealed

Finding someone to modify it so the fluid can be changed here in the UK is next to impossible

In Croatia things might different
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The eld unit fitted isn’t a haldex , it’s supplied by GKN

Haldex units use special oil and have a filter to keep it clean and contamination free , VW group and JLR use haldex in all their awd product ranges (4-motion and the x type/fpace/evoque/ discovery sport)

Our Panda Cross and other editions fitted with the eld use good old 75W-85 gl4+ in the gkn unit with torque vectoring

My 2010 cross’s system works very effectively off road as my hd sump guard shows😎 however on a ramp it cannot be made to do anything by hand, only become active when the ecu tells it to .

There was a tread somewhere about the electonic solenoid failing to work causing you to only get basic 4 wheel drive with no lockup

There have been a fair few cross and climbing broken on eBay recently that should have a rear diff available, if not someone that makes custom clutch packs may be able to help

I’m not sure if your traction control and esp are going to work without the eco detecting the solenoid

With mine disconnected the dash shows 4x4 unavailable and the abs/tc/esp shuts down, your MOT inspector will ruin your day based on the warning lights and mesages

What’s actually happens when you have the eld enagaged and drop the hammer in some mud or on wet grass ?
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The origin poster has a Magna-Steyr electro-hydraulic coupling and what to swap it to the GKN pre 2008 viscous coupling

Which is filled with silicone liquid and welded shut, as pre post 2 they age badly, companies that can service them are few and far between.

Here Fiats take


The viscous coupling connects the propeller shaft to the rear differential pinion leaving them free to slide slightly so that they can rotate at slightly different speeds. The viscous coupling, also known as a Ferguson coupling, comprises a casing filled with a special silicone liquid that gradually becomes denser as its temperature increases.This property is used to limit and, ultimately, prevent, the reciprocal slipping between two sets of metal discs that are opposite each other very slightly apart and are connected, one to the propeller shaft and one to the rear differential pinion. When the slipping is over, the temperature of the silicone liquid decreases and so does its density, returning to normal conditions and allowing small movements between the shafts once again.