open your boot and find a cover that looks like this:-


half twist the little back clip, flip the cover down and pull the insert out.


et voila! your in

now then the light clusters are held in by 3x 10mm nuts if you can get your head in to see you'll find the 2 lower screws but you may have to find the top one by feeling 'round.
06122011038.jpg 06122011044.jpg 06122011039.jpg

crack them off with your ratchet and then take them off with your fingers ensuring not to drop them down the inside of the boot carpet and body panels.

remove the multiplug by unclipping the tab and pulling away from the light unit.

Gently jiggle the light unit from the body of the car and now you will have access to the back of the light unit there is 4 clips that hold the bulb holder into the light housing

gently unclip and remove holder from housing
06122011042.jpg 06122011043.jpg

replace whichever bulb is blown and gently relocate the holder into the housing ensuring all clips are secure, ensuring not to trap the foamy/rubbery seal