As with so many wiring applications these days there are flat coloured wires and coloured with, what are called, "trace" wires.

These trace wires are predominantly a single colour with a thin band of a secondary colour for instance you can have
BZ White/Violet (mostly white with a thin band of violet)
ZB Violet/White (mostly violet with a thin band of white)

A Light Blue
B White
C Orange
G Yellow
H Grey
L Blue
M Brown
N Black
R Red
S Pink
V Green
Z Violet

AB Light Blue/White
AG Light Blue/Yellow
AN Light Blue/Black
AR Light Blue/Red
AV Light Blue/Green

BG White/Yellow
BL White/Blue
BN White/Black
BR White/Red
BV White/Green
BZ White/Violet

CA Orange/Light Blue
CB Orange/White
CN Orange/Black

GN Yellow/Black
GL Yellow/Blue
GR Yellow/Red
GV Yellow/Green

HG Grey/Yellow
HN Grey/Black
HR Grey/Red
HV Grey/Green

LB Blue/White
LG Blue/Yellow
LN Blue/Black
LR Blue/Red
LV Blue/Green

MB Brown/White
MN Brown/Black

NZ Black/Violet

RB Red/White
RG Red/Yellow
RN Red/Black
RV Red/Green

SN Pink/Black

VB Green/White
VN Green/Black
VR Green/Red

ZB Violet/White