Right i am not a mechanic so this is intended as a guide only showing how i clean my callipers ,

Obviously brakes are rather important items on your car so if in any doubt seek professional advice from a qualified mechanic BEFORE attempting any work on the braking system if your not 100% happy...... get someone who knows what they are doing to do it!

if your still not happy dont bother reading any further on....

Right thats the disclaimer out of the way

Kit needed


jack & axle stand,
wheel chocks,
Wheel brace,
*(locking wheel nut key if you have alloys)*
brake cleaner fluid,
13mm ring spanner
S hook made from a welding rod
slotted screwdriver,
Torque wrench (for refitting wheel)
gloves if you have sensitive skin
Brake grease ( i use Cera tec)

first park the car on firm level ground engage handbrake firmly and leave in gear or select park.., slacken the wheel nuts chock the opposite wheels, jack the car and support on an axle stand...

now remove the wheel and place under teh sill as a fail safe should the jack and stand fail...

Now you have exposed the caliper and disc

first hang your S hook from the front coil spring...

unplug the Pad worn indicator cable (left hand side inner pad only) by lifting the black plastic clip on the plug and pulling to remove the cars link wire. next pull the pad cables socket upwards to disengage from its mounting post..

with the cable now free unclip from its little cable clip towards the front of the calliper

get your 13mm ring spanner and remove the 2 calliper carrier retaining bolts completely (take care not to damage the brake hose a socket will not fit past it)


slide the calliper off the carrier and feed the cable through and hang the calliper on the S-hook taking care not to damage the hose



Now its out of the way the 2 brake pads simply un clip from the carrier (take care not to loose the spring retaining clips they are specific to each side so do not mix them up if you remove them)

clean the caliper, pads, disc and piston with brake cleaner and the rags use a screw driver with a rag over the tip to carefully remove any stubborn bits.

now all is clean grease teh back of the pads ((it should be obvious where the pads come in contact with the calliper) But it goes without saying do not get any grease on the friction material or disc....


clip the pads back in and put a blob of grease behind them where they clip in

now un hook the calliper from its S hook and lower into position feeding the P-W-I cable back through it

replace the 13 mm bolts and snug down then re attach the PWI cable to its cable and socket clip and plug the cars cable into it (a blob of grease on this should keep water at bay)

check the hose isn't kinked check the cable is clear of the disc and double check the 13mm bolts are tight

refit the wheel loosely

lower the car and retorque the wheel nuts then start the car pump the brake pedal several times then carry out several low speed stops to ensure everything is working correctly

its as simple as this:

(yes i know i said nuts in the video i should have said bolts :bang: )