Well here's my little guide on central locking on the punto Mk2. lol

Ill start with:
Those who already have central locking:
For those of you with keyed central locking, you will have an easier job than those without. First of all you will need to buy yourself a control unit that will connect to your existing central locking system. This will come with remote fobs that are set to the same frequency as the control unit. There is two main options with this, either a fiat remote central locking kit that will simply plug into your existing system with no further wiring required (about £100)

Or a cheaper version that you can get of places like E-bay that requires you to attach 4-5 wires to some existing wires in your fuse box. (about £20-£30) ( I have installed many of these and have found them extremely good value for money)


Neither are particularly difficult to install, and in both cases, they plug/wire in around you existing fuse box located next to your right knee (for rhd vehicles), so no ripping up of carpets etc is required!
With the non-fiat versions pictured above, there are a minimum of 4 wires to connect. These are a permanent positive feed to power the reciever. A permanent ground to feed the receiver. A trigger wire connected to the "lock" circuit and a trigger feed to connect to the "unlock" circuit.
At the bottom of the fuse box is a 40pin connector. In this, you will find:
White and green wire, this is your LOCK wire.
Blue and purple wire, this is your UNLOCK wire.
Also in the 40 pin connector at the bottom of the fuse box, are a pink wire, and a pink and white wire. These are for your indicators and can be connected to your RCL control box so that they flash when you lock/unlock the car. Depending on which after market RCL unit you buy, there may also be connections for closing your windows remotely, activating an alarm, or even opening your boot, however i wont go into these now! lol

For those of you without key'd central locking
Your task is more difficalt, as you will basically have to start from scratch as your doors will not have electronic actuators in them that lock and unlock the lock mechanism on each door. If you have a 5 door, this doubles your workload! lol
The 4 black things in the picture below are the actuators. One of thes will need to be connected to the lock in each door, and then a wire fed from the door, through the rubber grommet and into where you have your RCL control unit. Other than connecting the positive feed and the negative, there are no other connections needed into your existing car wiring, as this will effectively be a stand alone system.
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The wiring on this system will depend solely on which kit you buy, but the principals are the same.

Hope this helps some of you,
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