Pop and Sport 500's generally aren't fitted with a boot light.

It is not clear why Fiat decided to ommit this part that no doubt costs pence to manufacture, since the switch, cabling and panel mounting point are all there.

Fortunately retro fittment of the light is a simple procedure although it will mean a trip to the parts department with about £15 for the part.

How Much Difference Will It Make?

The boot light position is actually quite good so it lights the boot without shining in your eyes. Certainly worth the minimal effort.

Tools Required

  • Medium sized posidrive screwdriver
  • Large flat-head screwdriver or panel removing tool

Materials Required

  • Fiat 500 boot lamp, available from Fiat parts department, part number 60665239


Gaining Access to the Cabling

  • Working from the back of the car, lower the rear seat back (or near-side back if a split seat) to improve access.
  • Loosen or remove the screw that holds the near-side parcel shelf support to the body.
  • Prise out the plastic push clip that holds the near-side carpetting to the body side panel either using a large flat screwdriver or a panel removing tool if available.
  • Gently ease down the top half of the side panel carpet, or remove altogether.
  • Locate the cable for the boot light, which is likely to be taped to part of the loom behind the exposed seat belt mechanism.

Installing the Light

  • Feed the cable through the aperture in the trim panel and connect to the lamp assembly.
  • The light will come on as soon as the cable is connected since the boot is open.
  • Slide lamp upwards into the aperture and push the lower edge to lock into position.

Refitting Carpet

  • Gently work the carpet panel back into position noting that it tucks behind the rear quarter panel trim and the rear seat mounting.
  • Push in plastic clip.
  • Replace or retighten trim screw. Do not overtighten as it fixes into a plastic plug.
Article text and photos by Grimwau (y)