After a few years, the badges on the sides of 500 can start to deterorate quite noticably:


Fortunately, their replacement is simple as they are simply stuck on, but a warm day is needed (Fiat suggest an ambient temperature of 18*C, presumably to allow the adhesive tape to work properly).

Tools Required

  • Cordless drill, with 2.5mm bit
  • 2x No.8 screws
  • Screwdriver and pliers
  • Isopropynol
  • Cotton polishing cloth

To remove the old badges, drill a couple of holes in the badges and insert the screws, just enough to get a solid grip on the badge:


Working from the end of the badge towards the front of the car, pull the badge away from the car using the pliers on the screw heads. Be careful to avoid snapping the badge, and push back on the body coloured moulding to avoid pulling it away from the car.

Note: Do not attempt to pry the badges off (for example, with a screw driver or filling knife) since this will damage the paint on the bodywork moulding.

Fitting New Badges

With the old badges removed, clean up the area (rub away any left over adhesive tape) then clean up thoroughly with isopropynol:


Next remove the backing tape from the appropriate badge:


Then offer it up - the badge is a snug fit within the moulding - then push back into position. Apply firm pressure on the badge for at least a minute. Then stand back and admire:

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