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New Feature MultiECUScan Members Register ~ now with added maps!


Again this was a case of waiting for software updates, but in the end getting fed up and just doing it myself.

The MES Members Register has now been added to the forum directory so is now like a proper register, rather than just a collection of threads in a forum...

New Feature Introducing the forum mobile apps (Android/iOS/PWA) ~ with installation instructions


Using the forum mobile apps

** We are using PWA technology, so they are NOT installed through the App Store **
I had been holding off writing this until we had both Android and iOS apps released, which as of iOS 16.4 (this is a...
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New Feature iOS (iPhone/iPad) PWA (app) now available with notifications :)


Yes guys, I know you've been waiting for ages but finally it's here. Whereas us Android gang had this from the start, Apple took a long time to integrate the same functionality into their OS - but that's besides the point, it's now here!

Instant notifications!...

New Feature Events Map

Now we've actually got some events to start filling up the calendar, I figured it's time to put a bit of effort into it making it more useful.

Whilst every event already linked to a location, there was no map overview to see all of them together.

Well, have no fear, that's now been sorted and...
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New Feature Bookmark reminders

Expanding on the bookmarks feature.

You can now set a reminder when you create a bookmark, which will make the forum send you an alert (or email) at the specified time.

This means if you are browsing a thread / post / whatever but don't want to thoroughly read it right then (or perhaps...

New Feature Congratulations, you are winner!

Been waiting a while to implement this as the addon required had a few shop stopper bugs, however it's finally here :)

You can now receive medals on the site for performing different tasks which will then show under your name in posts, as well as if someone browses your...
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Staff Change Welcome s130 as the new 500x, Barchetta AND Strada mod!


Not content to do things by half, @s130 has very kindly offered to take on the role of moderator for not one, not two, but THREE forums :LOL:

So everyone please give him a warm welcome, your 500x/Barchetta/Strada is now in good hands!

New Feature Carry on camping


Summer is upon us (my goodness how hot it is) and thought turns to the great outdoors.

We've recently had an influx of Ducato campervan owners for which they had their own forum created and seems to be taking off, so that's nice :D

To further build on this though...

Below the Fold Server hardware upgrade

Hopefully I've been smart and this shouldn't clog up the header bar (this prefix is just for forum things that don't deserve a big announcement) ..

Posting this up so I can see it as a future timeline - but last night I upgraded the server again as there was a really nice deal going on a new...

New Feature The sidebar is back!


As I keep working out how more of the code works on this system, I'm able to add more of the original forum features back in - and I think this might be the last remaining one.

For the model forums now, the much loved sidebar has returned which lists the latest garage items...

New Feature Video file attachment support added


Not every problem can be diagnosed by looking at photos, sometimes you need to see the problem in action.

Before we relied on YouTube uploads and links to allow videos on the forum, but from today this in no longer necessary :)

You can now attach video files directly to...

New Feature New Thread Type: Question Threads (with Solutions)

960x0 (Phone).jpg

After the world's shortest poll (I got impatient) - I've now enabled the "Question" type thread in all the model forums.

What is a question thread you might ask?
Well put simply, it is a thread where only one reply can be marked as a solution (generally it's going to...
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New Feature Featured Threads

If any of you browse the site via the homepage, you will now see that the Latest FIAT News widget has been replaced with a new Featured Threads one.


I thought this would be a nice place to show off some of the more interesting threads on the forum...

New Feature Freemont Forum Added


I know it's not the most popular of models, but I always feel sad when someone comes on here and can't get any replies (usually due to the questions getting stuck in the "Other FIATs" forum) - so today that changes!

Yes, it's the forum nobody asked for ... the FIAT...

New Feature Restoration/Rebuilds Section

restoration (Small).jpg

In my never ending quest to find new things to update on the forum, I've decided to convert all (or at least start, will need the mods and all you guys help to find everything) the restoration/rebuild threads into garage items. Rather than mixing them in with all the...

Windows stickers are back in stock!


Yes, the moment you have all been waiting for (well, a couple of you anyway) - the new forum shop is online, selling one thing and one thing only....

You can either buy them singularly or as a pack of 3, but this...

New Feature Hotlinked Image Protection


In an effort to preserve threads going forward, I've added the feature that will scan submitted posts and automatically attach any hot linked images - thus removing the need for the linked site to stay online.

I've been testing it and all is good so far (it will ignore...

Events team recruitment drive!


Now that all restrictions have finally been lifted, we want to start hitting the car shows hard!

But we need a new team, so we've opened up applications.

The forum currently officially just does 2 events a year - Brooklands and Mitcar, but we really want to...

Want to be Instagram famous?


Yes, you (or at least your car!) can now become a superstar!

Each week I'll go through all the latest additions and updates to the garage looking for my favourite.

The lucky chosen one will then have their beloved FIAT uploaded to the official FIAT...

Happy 20th Birthday to Us!


Yes it's true - The FIAT Forum is 20 years old today!

Sorry about the lateness in posting this, I'm sitting on a long distance bus looking at my calendar when suddenly I realised today is our big day!

Wow - 20 years, what an achievement, I'm not sure anyone could ever...
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