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New Feature Featured Threads

If any of you browse the site via the homepage, you will now see that the Latest FIAT News widget has been replaced with a new Featured Threads one.


I thought this would be a nice place to show off some of the more interesting threads on the forum...

New Feature Freemont Forum Added


I know it's not the most popular of models, but I always feel sad when someone comes on here and can't get any replies (usually due to the questions getting stuck in the "Other FIATs" forum) - so today that changes!

Yes, it's the forum nobody asked for ... the FIAT...

New Feature Restoration/Rebuilds Section

restoration (Small).jpg

In my never ending quest to find new things to update on the forum, I've decided to convert all (or at least start, will need the mods and all you guys help to find everything) the restoration/rebuild threads into garage items. Rather than mixing them in with all the...

Windows stickers are back in stock!


Yes, the moment you have all been waiting for (well, a couple of you anyway) - the new forum shop is online, selling one thing and one thing only....

You can either buy them singularly or as a pack of 3, but this...

New Feature Hotlinked Image Protection


In an effort to preserve threads going forward, I've added the feature that will scan submitted posts and automatically attach any hot linked images - thus removing the need for the linked site to stay online.

I've been testing it and all is good so far (it will ignore...

Events team recruitment drive!


Now that all restrictions have finally been lifted, we want to start hitting the car shows hard!

But we need a new team, so we've opened up applications.

The forum currently officially just does 2 events a year - Brooklands and Mitcar, but we really want to...

Want to be Instagram famous?


Yes, you (or at least your car!) can now become a superstar!

Each week I'll go through all the latest additions and updates to the garage looking for my favourite.

The lucky chosen one will then have their beloved FIAT uploaded to the official FIAT...

Happy 20th Birthday to Us!


Yes it's true - The FIAT Forum is 20 years old today!

Sorry about the lateness in posting this, I'm sitting on a long distance bus looking at my calendar when suddenly I realised today is our big day!

Wow - 20 years, what an achievement, I'm not sure anyone could ever...
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New Feature Guides v2 is here

il_1588xN.2653096132_5ces (Small).jpg

No no, we haven't teamed up with Haynes - I just needed a nice picture to go in the header ;)

I spent the last week converting the old guides system (basically just threads in a hidden forum) to a proper article based system.

To be honest, there is a not a whole lot...
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Join the FF Team - Apply to be a moderator!


As you're all aware, the forum finally got brought kicking and screaming into the latest decade (literally, that last codebase was from 2013 or something ridiculous).

Along with a new design and all the new features, we are also now looking for a new team to help promote...

Happy New Year 2022!


Still a bit early for you guys, but we've hit 2022 here!

Happy new year everyone, may 2022 bring everything you all hoped for 🥳

I'm at the beach here in Kaohsiung, god bless the warm South 😎


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Merry Xmas Everyone!

pic (1).jpg

It's 9pm here now and only 3 hours for me until officially Xmas day.

I'm guessing a load of you will have all been let off work early today, whether it's for last minute shopping, or to get an early start on the drinking :ROFLMAO:.

Wishing everyone and your families all the best...

New Feature Members Motors v2 - The Garage

Members Motors is dead, long live Members Motors!


This one took a bit longer to test and complete, but I'm happy to announce that today is the official launch of the new forum garage :)

Whereas before the Members Motors was just a simple thread per...
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New Feature Site Bookmarks

Just a little one here, but I think it's very useful :)

Instead of needing to add your favorite posts / threads / images / whatever to your browser bookmarks, we now have our own inbuilt system.

If you see something you like (and want to remember where it is) simply click the
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Welcome to FIAT Forum v3!

Yes, let's call it v3 as back in 2012 we had v2 - and yes, it's been that long since any major update!

Everything is different now, but as same as I could do it so you don't all get lost :)

Some parts have been renamed, such as:

Downloads > Resources
Events > Calendar
Gallery > Media
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New Feature Select Text to Quote

Small new feature here, but you can now select text in a post and a little menu will pop-up to the right, allowing you to quote just that part.

So you can go through a whole page, selecting bits you like, then down at the bottom they will be ready quoted for you :)

Doesn't work on mobile (yet)...

New Feature Subscription Notifications

A very useful feature just added (thanks to QuadrifoglioVerde for the idea) is the ability to use the notification bar up the top to let you know about new subscription alerts.

If you wanted to know, but didn't like getting emails (or like emails, but wanted a visual indicator too) then...

Mobile Site Redesign

The mobile site has long been the ugly brother of the main site, it was a simple drop in skin I picked up years ago and never bothered with since.

Well I had some time recently to dedicate to it and am happy to say it's had a new look and been brought all up to date :)

I've re factored all the...

New Feature Members Motors Hall of Fame

Seems I've had a busy little week, firstly we got the cool wall going which then gave me the idea for the MM leaderboard.

So I'm happy to announce that it's done (y)

And here it is!

It's based on the "like count" for the first post in each Members Motors thread. So when...

New Feature Behold - the Cool Wall!

Yes hurrah and all that, we now keep the memory of Top Gear alive but announcing that we, the FIAT Forum, do now have our very own Cool Wall :)

It's pretty simple - you go to the new "Cool Wall Forum" ( - place your votes, then every 15 mins the wall...