New Feature MultiECUScan Members Register ~ now with added maps!

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New Feature MultiECUScan Members Register ~ now with added maps!


Again this was a case of waiting for software updates, but in the end getting fed up and just doing it myself.

The MES Members Register has now been added to the forum directory so is now like a proper register, rather than just a collection of threads in a forum.

You can browse around the map to see who is nearby and then click through to see exactly what they are offering (although I could only fill in so much info from the original threads, I'll do a shout out to current registrees to see if they want to update) which is shown above the listing.


There is now also a way to ask questions to the member (before, the threads were just locked) - just hit the
button at the top. Reponses will then be visible to help future visitors (so don't post any personal details!)

Do you own MES and want to add yourself to the register?

Well that's simple as pie - just hit the
button and fill in the form.

Ideally put in the version number, type (free or registered) and cables you have so people won't need to keep asking - just remember to keep it up to date!

You can update (or delete) your entry at any time - so don't worry about having to provide this service forever! :LOL:

MES Forum

Whilst on the subject of all MES things, I've renamed the current forum to be a new general purpose MES one - it's in the Miscellaneous section. Threads can be prefixed by model too, which will do the usual and make them show up in the relevant model's forum :)

Hope you all find it useful!