You're pulling my leg

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You're pulling my leg

This is so sick it's well beyond any common sense....
there are some seriously screwed up things state side tho, you know that.

Yes, but there's also plenty of screwed up and sick stuff in our own country too as posted on LL recently :(

Yes for 6 months and if I have to go back I'll shoot myself!.

How come you spent six months in the USA if you didn't like it? What took you there in the first place? :confused:
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What took you there in the first place?

seems a lot of people have a strange attraction to america. remember when you were at school (maybe only applicable iwthin the last 20yrs) punk kids and general misfits dream't of moving to america and living it. then when you get there, its total cack, and probably worse than th worse region in the 'opposed' russian federation.

TBH I don't know whats worse, putting a leg out on your lawn to charge people to see it, or the people who actually handed over good bank notes to see such a thing :bang: freakin sick (n)
My Job :bang:.

Ah, I see. What kind of job do you do and what kind of visa did you get to work there for 6 months? Was it an E3 visa? It's so damn hard to get to work in the USA these days you must have some kind of special job!

My gripe is that it's very fashionable to bash the USA these days, no doubt thanks to the soon to be gone idiot President. However, the USA is a huge country the size of Europe and just as varied in many respects. Some places are awful, some are wonderful. Some of the people are about as appealing as the Chavs on Wife Swap, others are some of the nicest people in the world. Some, believe it or not, detest George Bush!

I'm lucky enough to have travelled extensively over the USA. There are many places I have no desire to ever visit again and other places I'd be more than happy to live in permanently. Much the same as the UK really.

There's 260 million people in the USA. They don't all vote Bush (and it is argued that the majority DIDN'T vote for him in the last election...) and they aren't all the same. Places like New York and Los Angeles are some of the most multicultural cities I've ever visited such is the diversity.

And of course the USA is famous for it's 'stupid' side and the litigation culture of sueing everyone and everything. But before we all jump onto the bandwagon and diss a whole nation perhaps we should look in our own back yard first. The UK is hardly the model country of perfectionism is it? And we have plenty of sick and twisted people of our own citizenship too.

For those that have never been to the USA I suggest you try and get to visit. Avoid the tourist hotspots and find the real America. You may well be surprised at what you find.