weigh my head

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weigh my head

As you've posted this in one of the car forums, not the Leisure Lounge, I assume you mean the cylinder head, not the head on your body?
ePER (the Fiat spare parts catalogue lists the weights of all components.
Hi I can now see how weird this must be. What it is , I am currently creating a better way to lay under my van for repairs. My creation being a hinged head and neck support. Spring loaded. So ,if I knew the weight of my head ( or the average head) I could then purchase the correct compression spring to suit. So average head weight would do. I am also currently trying to find out if I need to lock timing to change broken crankshaft pulley . Many thanks Davren.
Seems there are several methods on the web, including this one.

Set up a bucket full to the brim with water with the bucket standing in a collection bowl. Submerse your head neck deep into the bucket, then weigh the water that overflowed into the bowl. Add 10%, and the result will be a good approximation of your head weight. This is because the density of the human body is about 10% higher than water and the reason we do not float in it.
Google also says "the average human head weighs around 5kg", if you just want to run with that.
You'd need to decide how average you thought your head was.
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Use a blood pressure sphygmomanometer under the hinged support. For about £12, you can pump it to suit any weight or angle you like.