Observations on my tyres

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Observations on my tyres

So no person is allowed to travel in a trailed unit (the law) which has recommended tyre replacement every 5 years but people can travel in cars with very old tyres that may have internal etc. issues due to age.

Both approaches/perspectives make an interesting debating point. :)

Have fun!

As far as I'm concerned there's no debate once you get age cracking it's going in the bin.

Had the cracks join up and nearly had a delamination on a Punto, tread was coming away from the carcass on the inner edge. Only discovered this the day after I'd been doing 95mph on a private test track. I'd taken the wheels off to check the brakes not look the tyres did what I was doing picked a wheel up and had a "Holy ****!" moment.

Since then I've been very careful as to what I have on the car. Not worth saving what works at out pence a mile to maybe have a massive accident.