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May 31, 2005
Or more to the point, men who try and get involved!

I got a wee bit drunk on monday, left a party early. Now there a rumours of my girlfriend 'getting with' (I hate these 'modern' terms) my best friend.

Quite frankly I have never heard anything more riduculous. Trust her implicitly and would (and have) trusted him with my life.

Then I find out that these rumours are likely to have originated from someone who tried it on with my best mate, but he wasnt interested after a brief conversation and finding out that in an IQ contest she is in serious danger of loosing to a pubic hair.

1 Malicious Girl + 1 oppertunity for revenge + 1 school where nothing is secret = a poor boyfriend who has been bombarded with 'is it true' text messages, and even some abusive and offensive ones from a close friend of 'Alice Tinker' (Vicar of Dibly) for not beleiving her.

My head hurts
BUT what if these so called rumours are true and this really DID HAPPEN? :(

I bet you thought that at one point?
Kinda had the same thing happen to me the other day, I got a text from a mate saying my gf had been meeting up with some boy for a while bla bla - didn't believe him though. I have 11 months trust in my princess and will have lifetime trust with her anyday. Just got to learn that everyone else is actually jelous of you.. and then remember how lucky you are that you are the only one for your girlfriend.

Mr. Knowitall advise over.
PeteyPye said:
BUT what if these so called rumours are true and this really DID HAPPEN?

I didnt even entertain the thought.

Anyway I did something quite silly, got fed up with her threatening to sort my girlfriend out, so I returned the favour. :bang:

But Alice Tinker isnt even a Chav with a 'posse' in fact she is the school ditz.
And here I go changing the tone, not saying that this relates to you at all, cos i'm sure you've been together for time and trust isn't an issue...

I've been cheated on before.. and it's not pleasant, and I like a complete norman ignored the warning given by a friend...
I now go by rule of thumb.. being that if it's a mate I've known for time, I gotta at least ask, most of my mates can be trusted to not cause me shat for no reason. (and the rule of thumb would be that i can beat her with a stick as long as it's no wider than my thumb :) )
Ahhh that's harsh. Once got a text from some stupid little girl saying she was sleeping with my boyfriend... that messed with me head for ages.