What tools to buy?

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What tools to buy?


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Mar 12, 2003
Looking for some advice from the DIY mechanics on here, I am doing more and more jobs myself on the Cinq and have decided to get proper tools to aid me since my current selection is either crap (just rounds nuts instead of removing them) or old.

So for a budget of around £100, do I get this


or these?



I am more drawn to the second option because the sockets are six sided and not multi like the majority of the Halfords set in the first option but the Hlafrods set offers more stuff then the other two options.

I am Ok for hammers, pliers etc


EDIT: I meant to convey that I am looking at the first link and both the other links as options.
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The problem with the socket sets included in the Halfords kit is they are 12 sided sockets i.e. tighten on the corners. You really want 6 sided ones which tighten on the flats - especially for working on old rusty car bolts.

I'd buy the bits you need separate. Machinemart stock a good selection of bits. 10-21mm 1/2 inch sockets, a set of torx and hex sockets and a set of spandellas should see you through most jobs. Will cost a damn sight less than £100 too!
I agree with Matt on the quality of Halfrauds tools, they certainly surprised me with a 19mm spanner that I just can't snap!

But yeah, Rob is right, if youre gonna be shifting rusted stuff, use a 6 sided socket (the 12 siders just make mincemeat of them)...or an angle grinder :)
Hellcat said:
Did I ever post a pic of my special hub nut removal tool? :D

is this it?:p
Ditto...Ive managed to snap a Clarke 19mm ring spanner (the ring was far too small IMO), but Ive had no problems with anything else I bought from them!
Hellcat said:
Machine mart also do impact socket sets which are cheaper since they are just blackened and not chromed... But they are a better fit and stronger and 6 sided.

the 150pc halfords pro kit has 17, 19, 21 and 23mm impact sockets. blackened and 6 sided too!