Technical Water in Multijet engine mystery.

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Technical Water in Multijet engine mystery.


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Sep 10, 2007
I parked my 2007 Panda 1.3 Multijet after a longish run and parked for 2 weeks in the rainy North. I tried to start it
and it would not turn over . Battery replaced and still the same sounded like a hydraulic lock so glow plugs out and turned it over and lots of water all over the front of the engine that did not look like coolant. I put the glow plugs back and it started fine. i just gave it a good thrash up hills and no issues so probably not the head gasket .
I checked the fuel drain and no water in the diesel .I am stumped by this one.
Possibly water getting in through the air filter box?
Drips from middle scuttle screw onto air box. If air filter badly fitted, will get in to the box and can end up with situation you had.
Al least you didn't try to tow-start it, which would have been expensive.
I would advise an oil change sooner rather than later.
Thanks, that fits the bill, I park downhill which would make matters worse .
Looks like a vinyl cover is needed for the top/back of the air intake box. The stuff used for signs is tough and waterproof.