The Smart Roadster replacement


After 8 years and 60,000 miles in the Roadster, I finally upgraded !
My first Mazda and after 12,000 miles across England, Europe and Ireland, I'm still smiling :)





Meteor Grey with polished alloys, that look either black, grey or polished depending on the light.

The only issue with the smart in 8 years was it ate rear tyres surprisingly. And the crank position sensor failed, though we replaced that in the car park in the rain. It lives on in Swindon, devoid of its TOY plate. It now sports a KY54 plate.
I thought of waiting till the 124 came out this year, but it was last summer/Autumn that I was in the position to buy, and had already been looking at NC's for a few months to replace the Smart.

I was initially looking at around an 07/10 model, but circumstances changed and I was able to go new. It was a long 3 month wait and 10 days on a boat from Hiroshima. Finally collected 31/12/15.

Having driven a 124 since (which is an awesome drive :eek: and a bit more raspy on the exhaust :cool:) I'm Still extremely pleased with my choice.
I had a smart roadster too, before the Panda. No issues to report, a good car indeed, but the Panda 100 has limousine ride quality by comparison!!!!!!!!

I couldn't stomach the snooty s**** in the MB garage where it was serviced. Thinking back it was pretty noisy with the roof down so more often than not I closed it on the motorway.

Had an epic race once day with a charming chap in a Bentley Conti Cabrio. We both had a good smile when he slowed down and let me go....
Even jumping back in to my 55 Reg Active, reminds me how noisy the Roadster was with the roof up or down, a problem I don't get in the Mazda.

Luckily, I have a great independent garage which serviced the smart and now looks after the Panda's for the bits I can't manage.

I've had a blast or two in the Roadster, the best being down to South of France. Scotland was also a hoot. Many smiles per gallon.

It always made me grin and laugh when conversations about it were commenced with "so what is it ?? 2litre, cos you shifted down the back roads"
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