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Stone chips

Oct 7, 2003
Carlisle, UK.
I've spent a bit of time today polishing my car up properly and already the stone chips have started :( Though I think I'm noticing them more because they show up against the colour. Has anyone else been suffering with all the gritters flying round at the moment? Their timetable always means I end up behind one on my way home from work :bang:
Yep they are a right pain but with weather conditions as they are a necessity :mad: Coming back from Oswestrey the other sunday we hit one on the A470 bag there it was spreading its load every where :bang: just couldnt avoid it the damn thing peppered us but Ime glad to say that on checking theres not a chip anywhere Phew thank god for that (y) hope yours is Ok to Helz :wave:
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yup it sucks, especially when you have spent a lot of time, or money on new paint or bumpers.

Like with mine, the very same day that I put them on I drove home, coming the other way on the 595 was a gritter, I got a feeling about it, pulled right over into the verge and stopped, few cars went past me, then it hit, BANG BANG SMASh, took three massive chips ou of windscreen and several HUNDRED chips out of bonnet, BOTH FRONT wings, my new bumpers:cry: the ROOF, and BOTH A pillars.

I got very very pissed off and complained to the council wherupon I got a normal 'wear and tear; type letter written back. now have to put up with holes in windscreen and a few rust holes on bonnet (as I couldn't find my ouch up paint_)
There's a few roads local to me that seem to have a large quantity of houses that have gravel driveways, these driveways are very nice but after a while those stones get all over the surrounding roads. Since having the Stilo I have had to drive at a maximum of 15mph down these roads to avoid the stones chipping the crap out of my paintwork :(

Do you think if I phoned the council they would get these roads swept ?
arc said:
you can get clear protector jobbies to stick to the front of cars to protect the paint can't you?

yeah, tweeks have got it in there catalogue, im guessing it a like the stuff you used to cover your school books in but low tack

clingfilm worked on mine but it started melting :(
i was following a gritter a few nights ago, and a block of "grit" i suppose you'd call it... fell out of the back and cracked my bumper and knocked my fog light outta place :cry: hate gritters (n)