Technical squealing from front drivers wheel

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Technical squealing from front drivers wheel


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Jan 29, 2012
hi all

I've had a horrible past moth with my cinq sporting. i had to change the gearbox as the diff exploded in the first one. but now im getting a very loud squeak/squeal coming from my front drivers wheel.

it started at first when i reversed the car. a squeak per wheel revolution. then after about 10 mins of driving it started to squeak going forwards in time with the wheel revolving, but after a couple of mins it becomes a continuous squeal.

if i steer to the left it slows the squeaking but if i steer to the right it speeds up and gets worse.

when the car comes to a stop and pulls away again, the noise stops for around a minute then starts again.

it only starts once the car has been going for a few mins.

any ideas before i take it to the garage?

i've just moved house 2.5 hours away from 'home' and havnt yet moved my tools down as they are needed for my mini rebuild.


Sticking caliper or wheel bearing is my best guess.

If the caliper, I'd expect one disk to be a lot hotter than the other, If the wheel bearing, then rotating the wheel off the ground will probably produce roughness, or you may be able to feel play grasping at 12 and 6, 9 and 3.
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Got it up on a lift and turns out it was just a bent stone deflector rubbing on the brake disk. Bent back and all is gd :)