Technical Cinquecento Drivers inside?

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Technical Cinquecento Drivers inside?


witch Suspension and 13 Inch Wheels are assembled in UK?


Why does it matter where items are made? I'm in Ireland and we try not to buy from the UK as there are more import duties following brexit 🙄
I use the Internet for bits I can't find locally but it's a gamble as to the quality of stuff available for older cars now.
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Hy Terry,

in Germany it was hard to find Alloy Rims in 4x98. I search for 7x13 offset 03 for my Cinquecento. What kind of Suspension you have in Ireland?

Grettings Duke

Try in Poland, there are lots of cinquecento / seicento parts available, as they were produced and very popular in Poland.

I don't know what kind of alloys are you looking for, but here's an original set of a seicento sporting alloys:

I've also found the 7x13 alloys here:

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