right had an accident other day the other refused to give details

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right had an accident other day the other refused to give details


May 1, 2010
had an accident other day the other party refused to give details

So it was traffic time in Bradford going really slow under 10mph and some expletive suddenly stopped and just before this some chavs walked into the side of my car stinking of drugs may i add so rolled into the other party braked my car dipped and the other car was a oldinsh Peugeot with a high bumper line so my bonnet took the impact and headlight lenses popped out so I secured the car got out in histerics my first accident talked to.the guy he was with I presume his spouse so she was like I will get your details I had no problem with that gave them.straight away came to.me asking for theres he interrupted saying there's no point nothing bad has happend to our car which appears to be the case ofcouse I was not thinking straight enough to get pictures he said he wouldent bother claiming I said if there is owt wrong with the car give me a call first and we can.sort something out so we went on our ways I pulled round the corner had a 20 min calming down session this happened outside shops with cctv I hopped so went round to a friend who helped me patch it enough to get home turned out no structural damage was done just read support tad bent so pulled that back out got a new bonnet jobs a good one so I thought until 3 weeks later I get an email saying someone might be making a clame against me. So my thoughts are either the guy was not insured or it was a crash for cash or ligitimate but he has comited an offence by not providing details at an accident ?? What do you guys think ?
Nope totally in a daze although it was slow I didn't see it coming plus if I remember correctly he was a bit sharp on the brakes further down the road
Go and speak to the police, they have committed an offence by not giving you details. They can then get access to the CCTV footage. Alternatively reply to the email asking for the details of the car that is making the claim and then pass these details onto your insurance company.
there's no way of proving an.accident in regards to my car completely gone over by my boady shop mate I will go get cctv in a min in Bradford as we speak at least I have learnt my lesson won't give up on this ! As much advice would be aprisiated defornetly going to get a dash cam
Sounds like you are pretty much f*cked on this

What car was it? Your cento? i wouldnt even bother going through insurance to be honest if it is and cut your losses and like you say - lesson learned
Sounds like you are pretty much f*cked on this


You need to always be one step ahead with claims and insurance, unfortunately you're already several behind with little chance of ever getting a head.

Fact is unfortunately it was your fault anyway, so regardless of them giving your their details or not (you should have pushed harder tbh and called to police if they still refused) they can claim off of your insurance if their vehicle has been damaged, they've been injured etc.

Have you called your insurance company and spoken to them yet to find out what exactly is happening?
Tbh, you really painted yourself into a corner.
You didn't get their reg No.
You didn't insist they give their details - you could've got their reg, rang the police & said they'd refused - even better still if theyd've driven away.
You've already fixed your car - so no way of confirming just how bad the impact was aside from ...
And 3 weeks down the line, they've probably slammed their car backwards into a brick wall to make out things were much worse (whiplash injury).

Even before the dashcam, I always carried a cheapo disposable in my glove box to capture any evidence.
Even with my dashcam, I would still take loads of pics on my mobile.
Yeh it was my Cento and the cctv seams to point onto the incident so going there tomorrow got a dash can app for my phone now :) yeh I have learnt my lesson its kind of obvious he is going in for the big clame :( but as long as I can prove the amount of persons inside the vehicle at the time. It was partly my fault he was iraticaly driving in the first place I'm much more aware now a taxi tried it on the other day when I was coming back from a friends in the evening I will fight to a cirten extent not having someone scam me for a quick buck! It disappoints me there a less and less ligitimate drivers out there :( will keep you updated now its not the bank holiday :)
Presumably the email has come from either your, or their insurance company.
See highway Code Rule 286. If they have not reported the collision to the Police, they have committed an offence.

Your insurance company will only pay out if you advise them to so so. If you instruct them not to, they cannot pay out. Any collision is a civil matter between the parties involved. Because of the risk values, we take out insurance to cover our liabilities. The other party's claim is a civil claim against you. If the email is from your insurance company, talk to them, they do not wish to spend any money, so they will try to help you reject the claim. Be calm, polite and truthful. Do not chase CCTV yourself, insurance company will do this if necessary.
update of sorts the other party are only calming whiplash for 2 just waiting for the doc to review them

You're insurance is going to triple next year because two people were badly maimed in a 10mph crash :(

By saying only two, i assume more than 2 people were in the other car? If the accident was that bad then why are they ok?
It would cost your insurance less to respray the whole old pug than for two whiplash claims :(
They'll get between £1000-£2000 each.
no there were 2 in the car just glad there not going for a 5 person clame like a scam and I told the woman on the phone about the fact they didn't give details and should I go to the police she said they wouldent be interested :(