right had an accident other day the other refused to give details

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right had an accident other day the other refused to give details

You should have contacted the police on the day - as everyone's said, 3 weeks down the line you've done yourself no favours. Any tap, expect a "whiplash" claim from the other party. All the more so if you went into the back of them and you suspect they were playing the brakes to arrange a coming together. Whiplash claims are very difficult to fight as it's all pain based and you can't measure pain.

At least now you should have their details via the claim, including vehicle reg. Make a non-999 call to the police or nip down the station. Take your documents with you to save time (license, MOT and insurance certificate). The police may ignore it because it happened 3 weeks ago - but at least you can say you've done the right thing by telling them (even if you are a bit late about it). Push them for an incident number to give to your insurance company - that way they at least note down your point of view.

And when dealing with insurance companies over the phone, don't accept advice from the first person you speak to. That person answers the phone when it rings - the person qualified to give you legal advice almost certainly isn't on general phone answering duties.
See highway Code Rule 286. If they have not reported the collision to the Police, they have committed an offence.

Only if seriously injured, they're not going to be to fussed about minor whiplash.

Your insurance company will only pay out if you advise them to so so. If you instruct them not to, they cannot pay out.

Wrong, if they've Subrogated the claim they'll do as they wish, and they can ;)

no there were 2 in the car just glad there not going for a 5 person clame like a scam and I told the woman on the phone about the fact they didn't give details and should I go to the police she said they wouldent be interested :(

Wouldn't make a difference, value of claim rarly makes a difference on a renewal premium.
If two people are claiming, how can they prove they were the two in the car, if they did not give details at the time? Tell them to get stuffed.

How can it be proven otherwise? Passengers don't have to exchange any details at an accident scene anyway, only the driver(s).

Police will have little interest as the driver and passenger (or supposed) have now come forward and its being dealt with insurance companies.

What do you think the police would do :confused:
Its still worth reporting as it helps police and insurance companies track possible fraudulent claims and accidents.

It seems these days many of the crash for cash scams are entirely made up accidents that have not even happened.

This seems to be a "where there's blame, there's a claim" the other driver has realised he can make a claim and decided to make the most of the situation.

Hopefully the CCTV will come back and show the extent of the collision, even the most convincing claim for whiplash can go out the window if the mechanism of injury isn't sufficient to warrant the extent of the claimed injury