Styling refinish alloys/lowered or new alloys

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Styling refinish alloys/lowered or new alloys


May 30, 2005
Hi i feel the need to modify the stilo a bit, im thinking either get my alloys (currently 5 spoke abarth type but standard silver) refinished in somthing like shadow chrome? and then lower the car or i quite fancy some 18's, somthing in the style of multispoke like tsw pace?
What do you think?
Thanks Alex
Get the standards re-coloured and the car lowered, will look tons better than 18s.

Although i hate anything associated with chrome wheels so maybe go with a different finish.
the cars sassi grey so im thinking along the lines of shadow chrome or anthracite?
if the insurance will allow the lowering ill probs do that idea!
powder coat graphite

Daves idea sounds good.

Im guessing that shadow chrome is dark chrome, if so then on a grey car they might look ok.
These are the shadow chrome abarth wheels. I would say get them done & lower it!(y)


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On a sassi Stilo i'd stick with painting the originals in a smokey chrome colour and do your calipers red, new 18's won't make a big difference as the original 5 spokes are about as good as they come for a silver stilo.
could somone do me a photoshop please, with koas idea! i like the idea of the red calipers hmmmm :rolleyes:
here's one of the images, haven't got time to do both, not perfect but they do give a good indication of how good they will look.

The car has been lowered by 35mm too ;)


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cheers koa! i think i will look into the refinishing, how much do you think it would cost £30 an alloy? and then get onto the insurance see if they will allow me to lower it and then stick some eibachs on, ive got a spoiler and need to paint the strips first tho!
I think cost will depend entirely on condition, if it's just a case of respraying them then £30 a corner sounds about right because there wont be any need for intricate masking off. My wheels will cost anywhere between £300 and £500 for the set to be done because of all the extra work masking etc.
I just need to find somewhere that will come and collect my wheels and do the job, then bring em back, but they have to leave the car up on jacks or ramps for a few days.
i see, thers 2 wheels that have slight kurbing but its only slight apart from one. ill have to see what the insurance says about the lowering though, and first im going to spray those black rub strips!
Well I went to get a price on my wheels today, and was quoted £90 per wheel. That's for two seperate paint jobs, one for the spokes and one for the outer rim like I have done in the picture. That's baked on too with a few coats of laquer to finish.

If it was a straight forward spray job then it would have cost £30-£40 a wheel depending on finish required.


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the baking part sounds good, i dont want them to start peeling or anything. does anyone know anywhere that would do them in manchester?
as i dont really want to send them off! cheers Alex