Technical Abarth lower gearbox mount (dog bone)

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Technical Abarth lower gearbox mount (dog bone)


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Apr 26, 2023

The new to me abarth selespeed had (what seemed like) a knackered dog bone mount on the bottom of the box. Massive front to back rocking which didnt exactly help a smooth take up in a sillyspeed car.
I have a pal breaking a couple so he sent me a replacement after I had done so much research on trying to get a new or aftermarket one - they're all out of production now (more attempts to get older cars off the road - had the same with the alternator belt yesterday - main dealer can't supply "its too old").
So the really good s/h one arrived, tbh looks weaker than the one that was on there, I've read about them being beefed up.
Set about removing to refit. I found that the securing bolt through the subframe into the captive thread is an m12, fully threaded with no shank. The hole in the subframe was a good 13/13.5mm, but the hole through the mount is like 18/19mm. Something, to me, isn't right. But I don't know what.
Spoke to my s/h parts fella, the already had that dog bone off a subframe so no spare bolt or subframe to compare to. Its like there should be an internal collar/bush but then that would be metal into metal. The one that came is (hole size) identical to the one on the car. I looked on the pekidi version of Eper but with little success.
Anyone shed any light on this? Pic is attached, the paler one is the replacement.
For nowo I made a reducer collar from an old crappy socket, the car drives nicer (although seems determined to shake my fillings out........)
I need to sort the flexi out as its blowing badly now that the drivetrain is semi stable!!!


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A few thoughts.

Firstly keep away from the main dealer, they really do not want the bother of dealing with a Stilo.

Next, Sillyspeed (an apt description) is a liability as it goes wrong and is difficult to repair. Maybe some enterprising outfit will take up the challenge and provide parts especially the clutch master cylinder, but so far to no avail. However if all that is wrong with yours is that reaction coupling then take heart that Fiat may well have made the arm, but I seriously doubt they 'made' the bush arrangement. In norml practice they would consult a supplier of such items and use off the shelf bits. E.g. you can now buy replacement bushes for the front suspension arms off of eBay but not from Fiat. Unfortunately the problem is in identifying the bushes and finding who will supply them. In the meantime a home fix with a socket is fine as long as the rubber holds out. Alternatively a brass/bronze bush would be preferable.

My hub caps also had faded/chipped badges on them so I bought some black scorpion centres off of eBay and cut out the centre from the caps and araldited the new in. 3 years on they're still there.