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R/C Car question

You need to supply current to the glow plug, it can be done using a battery and a crocodile clip, but it wont start especially in the cold without using the glow plug.
its best to start the engine with the glow plug starter. recommended way is there to save engine life really. make sure the glow starter is fully charged for the best result too

do you have pull start or e-z-start? my brothers schumacher xt3r has e-start (use a drill :cool:) dads has pull start (break after a while)

first cuple of time avoid full throttle. run the engine in first (as you would a real car) plus half throttle at max will give you chance to get used to its steering.

have fun though dude!! (y) (i do with my bros.... 3speed box and capable of 6omph :slayer:) soumds awesome when it goes throught the gears too :D

The saga never ends... Today I bought a glow-start and the bloody thing just won't start... I have filled up the tank with nitro, turned on radio gear so the idle settings are there, but it doesn't seem to fire... The glow plug shouldn't need replacing yet should it? i mean it hasn't even started yet...
to check the glow plug, take it out, using a 8mm socket or a proper tool for glowplugs

insert it into the glow starter and see if the element glows

if it doesnt, try another plug, or the starter may not be charged.

for the firts two tanks, let it idle, but make sure the mixture is set rich, so that it has sufficent cooliong. u should see the odd dribble or drip from the pipe.

then for the next couple of tanks lean up the highend mixture needle about 1/4 of a turn and just use the slightest amount of throttle and do figure 8's.

then from then on, lean it off with each tank and apply gradualy more throttle, if you just go flatout after a couple of takes the conrod will probable break.

if ur still stuck, ask more on here and ill try to help as much as i can

Thanks for the help. I have managed to make it start and run for at least 5 mins now so am doing the old RTFM trick now. Start it, let it run 5 mins, stop it, let it cool down, repeat. I'll try and do that for the first couple of tanks and then repeat the process by doing figure 8 things not using more than half throttle...

It's really difficult, i had a go with a mate's today, I'm so used to playing with electric ones which have a reverse gear...
so, are you planning on getting into racing or have you bought it purly for a bit of fun?

i have been racing 1:10th Scale rubber touring cars for about 5 years now. i satrted with a basic ready set, which i made go as fast as possible, but it was way to slow compared to everybody else at the club. so hten i bought an associated ntc3, which is a dream to drive as long as it is setup correctly.

the main aim is to have fun, but you always healthy competition.

lets just hgope the engine continues to play ball and doesnt play up like one engine i once had.

here are mine, the small one as stated above is an associated ntc3, with a rb concept .12 ci turbo headed V12 model engine. whcih produces more than 1.5 bhp at about 41,000 rpm. this is the car i race every week at my local track, with which i am am winning one championship and 4th in the other.

the car is fully brca legal for use in the scale rubber class, so has a 2 speed box.

and the truck is a Kyosho Mad Force, with an os .21 ci engine, this has a three speed auto box and is chain and shaft driven. i only have this truck for fun as it handles way too bad to be raced, still, itll max out at 50mph and it wheelies on command every time. this engine has 1.9bhp at 36,000rpm but has amazing torque at the bottom end.



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heres ours

schumacher xtr:


3.1cc engine,3 speed 'box and HPI air filter (really big one :eek: :cool: )

and the good old associated tc3 (ex race car :()


...coming soon.....4wd nitro touring car :slayer: (get pics of that up soon)

Really wanted to get into nitro cars but when my dad moved abroad and i to well the middle of nowhere i had no way of getting to/from any sort of events (plus no confidence to get out and find a new club etc as i had moved house quite a way lol) so my first and only "serious" (ie not ready built rubbish lol) r/c car was a Schumacher Cougar, which has long since disappeared somewhere, maybe one day i'll find it again :( got the box and instructions but lost the car and the controller :(
well, they do idle at about 3000, :D


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i have just recently gotten a 1/10 scale tornado bb nitro r/c car. it is a .18 big block engine. i was wondering if anyone knows the proper way to break in the engine?! if you have any other tips it would be greatly appreciated!!:D