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What do I do now?

  • Wash and T cut, followed by a polish, and some mouse poop vacuuming

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  • Free up a rear disc piston

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Oct 22, 2004
Sunderland and LakeDistri
Volvo's looking a bit sorry for itself do I :-

1) wash it again (not with that flash thing, as it turned my paint pink and crusty :eek: ) and get it T cut all over, clean windows, might even vacuum the mouse poop up!!

2) take rear right wheel off, and free up a sticky disc caliper piston.

better to be safe and working than clean

if you crash it because the caliper goes wrong, it wont matter how clean it is!

you can always wash it later :p
Right finished, just in the nick of time too as its snowing again (yeay!!)

There was a small stone chipping in the brake pad on the inboard size, took a screwdriver and a hammer to chip the blooming thing out, doesn't appear to have damaged any of the rest of the pad so I have put it back in and jumped on the pedal a few times to adjust them in, quick drive around the car park shows it to be much much better now, brakes have more bite too!!!

So that only took about 20minutes, (comes apart really easy compared to punto), so I polished (well Tcut wax or whatever it is) it and have G3'd the bonnet and front wings (they were almost white with crust) also done the dirty great big white scratch down the side, and the results are frigging fanny tastic!!!:eek:

Bonnnet now gleams better than any other car with red paint i have seen in a long time (wipe down, polish, G3 in criss cross, then swirls, buff as much as I can off, then drown in t cut polish (pretty harsh polish) again,and buff to finish). I am going to do the whole rest of the car at the wkd.

Might G3 the whole punto too, as it makes such a huge difference.