General Punto with hand brake indicator issues...

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General Punto with hand brake indicator issues...


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Mar 28, 2006
I'm new to this forum business, so sorry if it's in the wrong place...

I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me why the hand brake indicator on the dash board comes on when when I'm driving along, even though the handbrake is completely off...

It then stays on for most of the journey, goes off as I'm going up hill and flickers and comes back on when I'm stationary.

Being a girl, and hoping everything will be fine I've been driving with this problem for about a week, and it's still going! But am I just breaking my car even more??!

And it's a '95 Punto. Lovely.

If anyone can help me, that would be great.

I intend to drive from Manchester to London on Sunday and am hoping I will be alive at the end of my journey!
I hope it is nothing to important, mine has been doing this for weeks :( I have just assumed its a slack connection some where as if I just touch the handbrake lever it goes off and stays off.


Mine doesn't do that if i touch the handbrake, the light stays on...

But thank you! If I find the solution and live to tell the tale, then I'l be sure to let you know!
the light serves 2 purposes one is for the hand brake in wich case it may just be a fault switch making it tyhink hand brake is on. the other thing is does is show when break fluid level is low if its just at the low point thta may make it flicker. check your brake fluid levelin ya car. will be a small white container with screw of top. will have min and max written on side.
I,d go check the brake fluid too and also the connections to the lid of the brake fluid reservoir.
Failing that check the cable connected to the base of the handbrake lever, both nice little jobs as neither involves getting your hands dirty!!(y)

It worked. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me. Very much appreciated.

And i made it all the way back down south with no problems!

The brake fluid level was quite low, so I topped up. Even got out my Haynes Manual and everything!

And the light didn't come on the whole journey. Am just hoping it isn't leaking and that the pads are worn or something(?!), but couldn't check yesterday because of the rain.

To be honest I'm just pleased with myself for sorting it out, even if temporarily...:)
Good girl!!:slayer: see, its not hard is it? (y) Just need to have some confidence in your own ability.:D Glad we could be of assistance, but keep your eyes on it for a few days to see if its a leak!!:yeahthat: