Technical Problem with semi automatic 2004 fiat Punto

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Technical Problem with semi automatic 2004 fiat Punto


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Oct 30, 2023
Hi everyone,
I drive a semi automatic Fiat Punto from 2004. I've had an issue with it since I bought it 3 years ago , and it's been getting worse. When the Temperature outside gets warmer, and I am driving along in the automatic mode , the car will go from automatic to either manual mode or neutral. This usually happens when I come to a full stop. When this happens I can not change into the 3rd gear , it will only go up to the 2nd. If this happens when I'm in the 4th gear , it will not go down. The distance I can travel before this happens depends on how hot it is. Usually in the winter I do not have a problem with this.
I have taken it to the mechanic several times, the transmission fluid has been changed, but this did not help.
If anyone has any ideas on why this is happening, help would very much be appreciated.
What is "semi-automatic"? DuaLogic "automatic" attachment to the C514 gearbox or something else (CVT)?

1. Since you are asking what to do, by definition you (personally) will not be able to do anything.
2. Go to another, competent, real mechanic, not clueless clown who just do oil change.
This gearbox needs real one, to do proper diagnostics or disassembly and repair right away.

Problem is there for 3 years and you suddenly decided to address it? Why? Wait another 3-4 years (maybe it will heal itself)...