Technical Starting problem with hot weather

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Technical Starting problem with hot weather

jimmy jimmy

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Nov 23, 2023
hello i have a fiat punto mk2b sporting 1.4 2003.
Here in greece last summer when the car was parked in the sun for 8 hour ( while i was at work) then it could not be started. The starter motor is new. The car was trying to start but not cranking. After 2 or 3 starting tries car starts ( sometimes i press a liitle the gas pedal and starts running with a little rough idle and after some seconds it is smooth) . When the car has started then it runs smooth and if i turn it over and try to start it , it starts ok( and when it warms up).
All the winter season it had no problem, now that days around 30c outside and the car was parked under shadow , it had again this problem. I turn the key, the starter motor turns and the engine turns but i noticed that the rev counter was trying to get up but it was playing arround the zero 0 . No errors comes up.
I tried one more time and then it started ok.(rouhg idle some seconds and pressed a little the gas pedal and was smooth after)
i have suspicious that it might be the crank sensor fault in hot weather.
the car is in excellent condition mechanically with its all services etc.
This could be anything. Sensors (crank, MAP, coolant temp.), wiring (plugs/sockets), relays, ground/earth cables, battery, starter relay/brushes.
"Crank no start when hot" is a classic Fiat problem since Uno/Punto1 models!
You should Search before posting new thread (there are hundreds of "topics" like that).
yes i know i have seen a lot of threads but nothing to do with Hot weather
i just think to post here to hear some opinions about my thought to change the crank sesnor