General Side indicator on wing broken

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General Side indicator on wing broken


Jun 29, 2017

My punto just failed mot cause of the little side indicator on the wing not working.

Can't seem to find much info about how to get at the wiring.

Anyone with any tips greatly appreciated.

It's not the bulb.
I don't think it has its own fuse. I suspect the wiring is behind the inner arch plastic cover all needs to come out🙅
You can get to the wiring behind the bulb pretty easily.. If you push against the bulb and push pressure towards the front/bonnet (I believe) then the whole bulb unit will come out of the wing with the wiring attached to the back. Chuck a multimeter on the pins an see if you get 12v.. (obviously with the lights turned on) if there’s no voltage, follow the wire, find the break.. fix it up

Fix It Again Tomorrow - FIAT 🤣

If you can’t access the wiring then I would just go ahead and get to it from the inner arch. It’s easy enough to get out the way it’s just the rusty old screws holding the arch in will likely be stuck solid.
Last time I was under the arches, I cut the bolts out, drilled 2 holes, and used zip ties again.. much easier for if you need access again.. which you probably will 🤣
Yer I think it's a bad ground, gotta take the inner arch off.
But I was wondering if I just remove it, will pass the mot. A lot of cars on my road don't have this side light. So I don't think it's needed.
Any one know if that would be OK?
Think you will find that the MOT rules are that 'if it's fitted as standard, it has to work'?? If you take one side off, then you will possibly need to take the other side off as well to even things up. (might be worth having a word with the MOT tester first, just in case) otherwise you may well still have a MOT fail for not having the repeaters fitted if there are holes where they should be.