Technical Punto grande steering stiff and battery light on

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Technical Punto grande steering stiff and battery light on


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Dec 28, 2022
hi I have a 2007 fiat punto grande, battery light comes on and steering wheel goes hard soon as turn it off n on again it’s fine replaced alternator but no luck soon a few people with same problem but never has a answer. Also I have a engine light on unrelated I think with a undocumented code ? Any advice would be great thanks
As others have suggested, it would be well worth checking the health of your battery. If you don’t already have the necessary equipment, retailers like Halfords will offer a free check. Independent battery retailers are likely to do the same.

I’d also be tempted to buy a cheap OBD reader from Amazon or similar and scan for any error codes. I mention this because I experienced similar issues when our Punto’s power steering motor started to fail.

I’m not saying yours is too, but at least you can rule it out.
cheers will try these things out, I did scan for codes for the engine light but it’s down as a “undocumented code” never get the chance to scan when battery light comes on tho
Hi all there is a bcm update for punto for battery light on but will need go a dealer but also power steering motors fail resulting in heavy steering