General New addition to the fiat family.

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General New addition to the fiat family.

Mar 31, 2005
Newcastle upon Tyne.
I am not going to tell you what it is (might be a panda, might not), but i am looking at a fiat tonight :). Its L reg, white, its done 115000 miles, and has mot and tax, all for £150 (y)
Ok, its the wrong section but i have bought a white Fiat Fiorino 1.7D van (y). Its a 1993 L reg, its a bit rough around the edges but has good mechanics, it needs an indicator lense, and a bolt for the bonnet hinge, but the worst thing is that the radio doesnt work :eek: ;)
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Steve said:
Nice buy Chris. Photos?

I will be putting photos up tomorrow, as i havent picked it up yet. It looks a little worn, but its had a new clutch, glow plugs, and the guy has just serviced it, oh and its £140 :D

edit - I have just looked at the amount of previous owners and it looks like i am number 16 :eek:
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Just keep an eye on the fuel pump timing belt


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Steve said:
The diesels go for ever as well. Impossible to kill!


The engine goes on forever but things break around them, my black tipo got scrapped when its oil cooler sprung a leek. My green one had a cylinder/water jacket failure on its head gasket. :(