Panda 2012+ My Panda 4x4

New to me Andy Pandy 4x4
Yeh, I was impressed by the variety of different lift heights they did but would be wary of the extreme because of the steering geometry changes. Good luck.
Also, I've never had any problems importing stuff since Brexit. Even had a set of 4 tyres arrive from Germany within 3 days with no VAT, carriage or Customs charges ( a mistake surely?).
Many large firms factor in cats charges before purchase and pre pay them for you
Of course, I've now got a spare wheel. Question from the tyre fitters, "which side, the spare wheel?" Bridgestone 's are clearly rotation directional. Answer 2/3 of punctures occur on the nearside.
Didn't ever consider the spare!!
£40 a corner for blasting is pretty good.
No there isn't, but it hasn't ever caused me an issue - nor the front with a 5mm spacer.