Panda 2012+ My Panda 4x4

New to me Andy Pandy 4x4
A day we'll spent! Lanoguarded all the undercarriage and arches, both plates fitted. Hesrt-stopping lift onto 4x axle stands, wheels off ready for refurbishment and powder coating and new tyres.


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Hate to tell you this but I've just had a FedEx invoice for £60 duty and tax.
The plates are super quality and a perfect fit, but the engine guard is a right bugger to fit. Any trouble, give me a call.
I only ordered the diff guard so should be no duty??
The original sump guard was still OK as I had sand blasted it and painted it a few years ago.
You'll need a female e-torx socket on the 2x diff mounting bolts. Fit the single rear bracket loosely first.
My guard arrived today. so thanks for the advice. Was going to fit it today but haven't solved my leak yet! Hope to do it tomorrow.
Very nice, I might have to paint mine this summer.
£40 a corner at the shot blasters, if you present without tyres.
I'm off to get tracking done on Wednesday as the old tyres had worn shoulders.
Still waiting for suspension from Italy - production delay!
No pics as I've not taken her out in the rain today!!... meant to be a winter warrior!
Of course, I've now got a spare wheel. Question from the tyre fitters, "which side, the spare wheel?" Bridgestone 's are clearly rotation directional. Answer 2/3 of punctures occur on the nearside.