Panda 2012+ My Panda 4x4

New to me Andy Pandy 4x4
Hmm - thought I replied before, now can’t see it. How much extra did if it give you under the sump?
I’ve solved that issue by keeping the 4x4 Panda but adding a 2013 Decender!

By the way, an MOT tester may not like the blacked out reflectors...
Most important thing in life is a mate who's a MOT tester!
You are very lucky because the government in Northern Ireland run the testing stations and at the minute the whole thing is an absolute mess
Maxsport RB1 Grass tyre 185/65/15.
Too noisy, short life, uneconomical and poorer performance on the road is what I'd expect. Hence, I'll be sticking (excuse pun) with my 185 Bridgestone Blizzaks on alloys on the road. I'm waiting for an Alcar 15" steel wheel to arrive in order to test fit this beast front and back. With the new lift and spacers, I'm hoping that they'll fit. If so, I'll buy another four wheels/grass tyres and use them just off road. I'm goung to end up needing a service vehicle!! However, I suspect they will be an interference fit at the rear having roughly measured and played with the tyre which may mean some minor surgery. Anymore than minor, I'm not doing.