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my mini suki

You fitting 7x13 Alleycats? :D And a Custom Consoles centre console? :)
rach said:
they are 8x13 :slayer: :p

Not seen 8x13s Alleycats before (y) Only 8x13 Minilites a few years ago in MiniWorld :)
yeah they are lush you should have seen my face when they arrived :yum: :D and the zorst sounds out of this world woop..
hehe brakes..hehe you dont need brakes on a mini lol.. not the way i drive her anyways i scared the bleep out of my mates as you dont need to brake for roundabouts etc..woohoo (y) grips the road like a go kart:slayer:
I love that mini:worship:

the interior is what makes it, similar to original but far far lusher:)

and those wheels set it all off very nicely, although have you noticed your steering being a bit lighter? (sounds mad, but my car with wider wheels is lighter on teh steering).

is the engine an original stage '0' rebuild or is there some trick goings on in there?
It must be catching.......just gone and got myself another one too !!!!! :D:D:D

Collecting it on sunday.

Hellcat said:
Traveller.. nice

Nope. Definately not a Traveller. I'm guessing Mini Clubman estate with mark 1 tail lamps :D