installing windows : serial key needed ...

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installing windows : serial key needed ...

Oct 2, 2003
Cheadle, Staffordshire
Ok, this is nothing dodgy here.. or well, it might turn out to be but ive just reinstalled windows xp on this computer after the hard drive desided to die randomly (i bought a new drive now), and its installed windows xp sp1 2002 fine and its running etc BUT i need to activate it.

Ive used the disk that came with the PC when bought and it has the serial key sticker on the back of the machine BUT it doesnt work :(

ive tried loads of keygens and serials from dodgy sites but none seem to work.

can anyone pm me theres? or atleast help me to get it activated because it disables windows in 30 days if i dont activate it.

The version is Windows XP Proffesional Service pack 1a 2002.

Go through the activation process, then you get passed to a real person. Tell them you'd had to reinstall. They might ask you if the copy of Windows is only running on one PC. Say it is (because it is). They'll then give you a key to type in.