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General Induction, mapping, and exhausts


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Nov 11, 2007

I've read about/seen a few tuning options for the 100hp now, how many of you are running the GSR filter/re-map? and how are you finding it? Do you know what filter comes with the kit? Looks good but worried it wil drown out the tuneful sound of the engine!

Also i found a few clips of exhausts on youtube, they all seem to be the same one, any idea of what make this is/where you can get it? just the big tailpipe that puts me off.. sounds awesome in some of those clips though!
At the moment I think its only Garry and Stu with the induction kit fitted one at the moment can map the 100hp but red dot are making good headway with it I have been told far as the exhaust is concerned hang on a bit to see it GSR come up with a system ..we went to see a friend of mine with regard to doing the manifolds and the system with be no problem once that hurdle is sorted..other options are the novitec one and OMP do one I believe as well (y)
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I now have the GSR induction kit fitted thanks to Oldschool on thursday evening! I now eagerly await the remap which is still being finalised. Looking forward to putting my 100hp through its paces next week!

M100 NSY

P.S I was the blue 100hp at the Ace for the first time on thursday night, nice to meet a few of you!!!
Out of interest, where have you go the cold air feed piped for the GSR?
Looks pretty short on options at the front to set something up, maybe doing something on mine soon.
I'm thinking the gsr leads to the front wing correct me if I'm wrong?
You want cold air ram-fed from the front, not drawn in from the side. It will make a massive improvement.
You want cold air ram-fed from the front, not drawn in from the side. It will make a massive improvement.

ive got that also get massive amount of dirt n crap as well (n)

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thats the problem with low down induction though, that and, floods! :p
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If you can pull birds it's always a bonus.

You can aim the cold air feed, you can point it in the area of the filter rather than right up towards it to minimise the debris problem.

If you totally enclose the filter and duct it to the front you effectively make a hoover that sticks out of the bumper and will be prone to sucking all sorts in, including puddles.

If you don't duct any air in with the HP, it will suck in hot air from the exhaust. It's quite well panelled in down there. Hot air is bad for extra torque and power.
the bird was dead, and was in the cda before i added that scoop.

the gsr filter sits long way from exhaust, in a nice cold space, so you get best of both worlds cold air and clean air
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The 100hp GSR filter sits right behind the radiator, 6" away from the catalyst, panelled in from the undertray underneath - not really a cold space with air flow.
no it dont

Just to comment on this ..for anyone wanting to know how the panda 1.2 will be routed well I can tell you that it will protrude even further under the chassis rail and into the wing void shown on that pic from dave..
Dave, the filter in that pic doesn't have a cold air supply. The cooling fan runs a lot when you have the climate control on, which blows hot air directly into the area where the filter is drawing it's feed from. There is an undetray to stop cold air coming up from ground level. The fog light grilles are not mesh but solid, there is no way of blowing cold air in there.

If the filter was moved further into the wing as PNL suggests, it would improve matters but the design in the picture can see large gains from ducting cold air in.
The black pipe in the picture you show is the top hose from the radiator, that shows how close it is.
Here we go again :rolleyes:

HP. - a few questions, have you tried driving a Panda 100HP with a GSR kit fitted? Yes/NO - delete as applicable!

Do you have a habit of making negative comments on GSR kits, whenever this topic comes up? Yes/NO - delete as applicable!

You also seem to have issues with Red Dot as well; I just noticed you were looking at my old thread about my rolling road, and your total disbelief about the results that I had before and after the kit was fitted.

Personally, I think you have a hidden agenda, and are here purely to cause trouble.
Stuart, how is me driving a car with or without the induction kit relevant?

Have I ever claimed that the GSR kits do not give power gains or that they are not worth the money? Have I ever slated them?

If you look at this thread with a different viewpoint, the one intended, what I am saying is that you can improve on a good kit with the addidtion of a cold air feed.

Yes Stuart, I was looking at an old thread. I was interested in the pictures of the GSR induction kit. Can I honestly make informed and educated comments without looking at the items in question?
The hot air is blown in through the grille and then the radiator which fills the area behind it. The exhaust and catalyst are just a few inches away and the area will not be cold.

You guys love to make a vicious reply when someone suggests an improvement. You have already stated that the induction kit gives good gains which I have consistently agreed with, what are your issues?

Used to be a friendly forum, this.
you keep ranting on just now you said The 100hp GSR filter sits right behind the radiator, 6" away from the catalys"
you cant just keep posting stuff that isnt true, you can see from the photo that the filter is not behind the rad.

now your saying that the area is in traps hot air, how can it on a moving car, maybe when your sat in traffic, but you dont need induction kit to work in traffic.