I really want this car....

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I really want this car....

Apr 28, 2005
West Yorkshire
You can keep your Ferraris, Imprezas, Skylines etc. This is a proper car!!!


Only 9,000 miles from new!!!!
I used to have a 1.4rover 100 (later metro), and that was quite go kart like.
Theres a nice piece of the A66 along top side of bass lake, its seriously twisty and the tarmac in summer is as smooth and grippy as a new race track, my little metro could zip up the inside of any car (I mean any), and once built up to speed could hold a steady 70mph thru ALL the corners (even that right hander that drops away and you have to be knutts to be on the inside of it as its soo tight). Loved it, but it was just too small.

A metro turbo thru there was even quicker and more planted (dads mate used to have one, but got nicked and burned out:mad: ), and that is the quickest I have been thru there (topping 90mph thru the lesser corners). Scared the poop out of me.
A mate had a 1.3S (W Plate - Sporty model before they got the MG Treatment) & 1.3 VDP - nice enought cars especially the VDP which was a low mileage OAP special. May I be as bold to suggest 'Future Classic' :eek:
yet more memories, I had 3 of these, first was a MK1 A reg Silver MG Metro, the attention to detail make some modern cars bow there heads in shame.

It had as standard a lovely red A series+ 1275cc 74bhp block, a great polished alluminium rocker cover with a raised MG in red on it, a polished SU carb, generally very tidy engine bay, lovely red carpet with great seats with MG embroidered into them, 12" pepper pot alloy wheels.

I then put on Janspeed manifold and exhaust, K&N 1&1/2" SU, Konis as MK1's benefitted from having shocks fitted at the fornt as standard, MK2 didn't, don't know why, the cheap mod you do to teh hydragas which makes the suspension fully independent and therefore handles amazingly well. Added 13" mulitspoke alloys from MK2 GTA with Yoko 175/50 rubber.

I then got a D reg MK2 MG Metro in black, but MK2s never seemed as good as mark ones, unless it was my Final car a British Racing green turbo.

did it stop running at 9000 miles thats y its got low milage. there terible cars

i remember a mate who had 1 he was jaking it up to change a wheel and jack went straight through floor. they rust realy bad on the sills
paulbfd said:
What other early 80's cars don't rust?? They're usually so bad because they're cheap to buy and just get run into the ground.

How many cinqs would be scrap if it weren't for the galvanised body?

Umm.................Mini Marcos/Midas didn't suffer from rust :p
paulbfd said:
I think they're a very underated car, I don't understand why people slag them off so much.

A late (with the high petrol cap and plain seats) MG Metro Turbo is my dream car.

I'm always checking eBay and Autotrader, just incase :D

I loved my MG Metro Turbo, was so fast, can't believe that after all these years my 1995cc twin cam 16V integrale has the same Garrett T3 Turbo that the 1275cc push rod SU carburetor fed MG had. And both cars limit boost electronically, the 'grale by which gear you are in the metro by engine revs the MG had anything from 3-7psi which is only 0.5bar from a huge turbo!

I bought a Classics car mag about 18months ago as the cover story was the MG Metro Turbo 95bhp, MK1 Uno Turbo 118bhp and Series 1 Renault 5 GT Turbo 120bhp, was a great read and even after all these years the Metro was still the tidiest handler out of the 3 and they summarised by saying if it wasn't for the fact that the 4 speed gearbox in sump configuration that it had meaning that the engine was detuned to 95bhp (the engine was tested at 130bhp with no problems but there were fears over gearbox breaking and causing lots of warranty claims and BL as it was then had a bad enough name as it was) it would have been the best of the 3, as it was the 5 won, and it came 2nd, the Uno due to its chassis came last even tho it was the only one with a modern engine which is was praised for compared to its carburetors rivals.

Of all my cars, i still wish i had my MG turbo, and funnily enough i still have a little look now and again on eBay at the ones that pop up from time to time.

aaron, could your scan in that magazine for me and email it me please? i'd be very very interested to read that :) just down my street!

ive always had a soft spot for the mg metro turbos, had a look at a few but as aaron says, ive always been a little worried about the gearbox design and the fact that its all mated together with the engine.

as for the unos chassis, ur right it aint the best, but hey! its minor details :D lol