General hey guys - i am back!!

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General hey guys - i am back!!


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Apr 19, 2004
stoke-on-trent, United Ki
hey dudes and dudettes

my old sei 1242 was written off the other day - so i am contimplating buying it back and putting the 1.7td from a punto in to it - i did it with a nova so why not a seicento??

would be quick would it not!!

or the sensible option which i have got to do is sell my MR2 GT T-bar and but something more economical and more sensible so i would love a sei or a cinq turbo or similar so if anyone knows of a mad cento can they please tell me

i want back in!!!!
Think the 1,7TD punto is not only low performing but also not very frugal, especially when compared to the 1,2 16v available.
someone pulled out on the lad who i sold it to and its battered the front end like when i first had it!

if i could get a punto turbo engine on the cheap i would consider the change,
i would rather buy one done though - as for the mr2 engined sei - it would be fun in the back but not the front, use all the MR2 running gear and seats and it would be awesome - how about i just keep the 2 though - what an idea - - - - not

bloody hell fire almighty!!!!! MR2 in a smart - i have heard it all now - ok i think i will go for a drive oh wait a minute, i must take out my brain first - ok thats better (lee evans style)